Miscreants set fire to gaushala... 3 pregnant cows died in agony
Miscreants set fire to gaushala... 3 pregnant cows died in agony

Patna: In Bihar's capital Patna, miscreants set fire to a barn. Due to which three pregnant cows tied in the pot were burnt alive. This incident happened late on Thursday (September 9, 2021) near MS Gas Agency located on Karbighia Pani Tank Road of Jakkanpur police station area. Tension escalated in the area after the fire incident in the barn. However, in time, Jakkanpur SHO Mukesh Kumar Verma reached the spot with the force and got the matter cooled down. 

Rajesh Kumar is the owner of this barn. He has been running this for the last two-and-a-half years. Ever since the Khatal has been opened, some people from the neighborhood are trying to get the Khatal removed from there. Because of this, there have been many controversies in the past. It was feared that those who protested would have set fire to the barn. Rajesh's house is at some distance from the barn. He told that after giving fodder and water to the cattle at 12 o'clock, they went back to their homes. Everything was fine till the night. But, on Friday (September 10, 2021) morning, the scene there had changed. 

Neighbors informed Rajesh that late in the night someone had set fire to the barn. In which the cattle present there were burnt to death. Because of this, the atmosphere there itself started deteriorating. Mukesh Verma, Thanedar of Jakkanpur, controlled the deteriorating situation there. According to the SHO, when and who started the fire? It could not be detected. There has been talking with CO to compensate for the loss. The post-mortem of the dead cattle has been done by calling the doctor of the Veterinary College at the police station itself and according to the rules and regulations, the last rites have been done.

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