Brother used to do this unethical work with Sister, other young woman came to explain then...

Jun 20 2019 10:11 PM
Brother used to do this unethical work with Sister, other young woman came to explain then...

Recently, a case of crime has come to light in Delhi where a woman was forced to explain to a young man who abused her sister. Yes, the young woman, who arrived to explain to the young man who molested her sister in the case, was fatally assaulted by a man with scissors. The woman, who was blood-soaked, escaped from the spot along with two of her other brothers. The case is being described as in the Nangloi area of Outer Delhi. While the police registered a case against the accused youth and arrested them. The victim is alleged to have been granted bail from the police station, while reports said that the injured woman has been identified as Shashi, who lives with her family in Sultanpuri area.

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In a statement to the police, the woman said, "The victim lives with her younger sister and husband at Tyagi Vihar in Nagloi. Where a person named Brijesh in his neighborhood also lives with his family and has a Ladies Teller shop. The woman's younger sister had told her that Brajesh harassed her by making dirty comments, after which the victim took another sister and approached the younger sister, then the three sisters went to Brajesh to explain to her. Brajesh's two brothers were also present on the spot. Even after the women refused, the three brothers did not come and said that we would not stop doing so. Then the three brothers began to abuse them.

On protest, Brajesh took the scissors and hurled the scissors on the woman's face and throat. When the woman heard the screaming, the three accused escaped from the spot.

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