Husband committed suicide after fighting with wife in night

Feb 26 2020 03:43 PM
Husband committed suicide after fighting with wife in night

New Delhi: After a delay in the wife's return home from the market, drunken husband started a dispute. Seeing this, the wife went to sleep at the neighbor's house, while the children went to the maternal grandfather's house. In the morning the neighbors opened the gates to explain it to them, but no sound came from within. Then when looking inside the window, the husband was hanging on the noose. The police reached the spot as soon as the matter was reported and sent the body for postmortem.

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The father of 35-year-old Teju Nagesia of village Tatizharia under Samri police station area of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. Konda Nageshia was a habitual drunkard. On Sunday, her wife Sampathi Bai went to the weekly market. She was returning after shopping from the market. Meanwhile, the weather got bad on the way, so she stayed somewhere for some time. When she returned home late in the evening, her husband Teju started to dispute with her. He asked the reason for his late lying while expressing doubt on the wife.

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Even after the wife said that the weather was bad, he continued to dispute. Seeing this, wife Sampati Bai went to sleep in the neighborhood of Jagmohan's house. His children also went to sleep at Nana-Nani's house living in the village. On Monday morning, the neighbor Jagmohan, with the intention of explaining the woman's husband, reached near Teju's house and started giving voice by looking at the door. Even after giving voice several times, no response came, he looked inside and saw Teju's body hanging.

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