China agitated at Pengong, threatens India to face more dire consequences than 1962
China agitated at Pengong, threatens India to face more dire consequences than 1962

New Delhi: The Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times has said in an article that if India wants to get involved in any kind of competition with it, then China has the potential to harm its army more than ever in the past. Actually, on the night of 29 and 30 August, there was an attempt to infiltrate in Ladakh, but the Indian soldiers drove them away. There is a strong reaction in the Chinese media about this. The latest conflict between the two countries in Ladakh was over a peak on the southern bank of Pangong Lake.

After the infiltration attempt failed, China's foreign ministry said that the Chinese army did not cross the Line of Actual Control (LAC). On the same day, a spokesman of the Chinese Army had demanded that India withdraw its army. China also accused the Indian Army of illegally entering its border. The Global Times wrote in its article that, in its statement, India said that it had already stopped the activity of the Chinese army. This shows that the Indian Army took the first windstorm and Indian soldiers started the struggle this time.

The Global Times further wrote that, India is struggling with its domestic problems, especially the situation of Coronavirus which is completely out of control. New cases of Coronavirus infection have reached 78,000 in India on Sunday. The economy is also in a bad state. India wants to divert the attention of the people from its domestic problems by carrying out the activities of abetting the border.

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