Widow of Wuhan Covid-19 Whistleblower Doctor Gives Birth to 'Final Gift'
Widow of Wuhan Covid-19 Whistleblower Doctor Gives Birth to 'Final Gift'

Beijing: The corona virus born from China has spread very fast in the whole world today. Everyday someone is losing his life due to the virus. At the same time, wife of 34-year-old doctor Li Wenliang, who was a whistleblower of the Coronavirus in China gave birth to child. Last year, the doctor tried to warn people about the corona virus in Wuhan, China. In February this year, Lee died due to corona virus. His wife Fu Shujie has given birth to a second child. Shujai has shared a picture of his son on instant messaging app WeChat. She has described it as the last gift of her late husband. Li worked as an ophthalmologist at the Central Hospital in Wuhan. He was arrested by the Chinese authorities for spreading rumors.

According to the information received, Lee was trying to tell the people about the situation that arose after taking the form of covid-19 epidemic in the country. On December 30, Lee received a test report of a patient, who was admitted to his hospital due to a new disease. He shared this information on WeChat with seven of his friends.

As for this, he said that the results of the test suggest that the disease is like SARS. Thousands of people died in China in 2002-03 due to this epidemic. However, when his post went viral about the disease, Lee said that he only wanted to warn his friends. However, soon the doctor and his friends were summoned by the Wuhan police to spread rumors and they were forced to sign the crime sanction. After his release, Lee returned to his hospital and started working, but after coming in contact with a patient, he became Corona positive.

At the same time, it is also learned that Lee was admitted to the hospital on January 12 and his condition went on deteriorating. He was admitted to the intensive room but died. The virus, which originated from China, has so far affected more than seven million (7 million) people worldwide, while more than four lakh people have died.

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