Cinema is the mirror of society, just saying this is not enough, Says Pravesh Chaurasiya

The industry needs films and directors with a vision of reality and a connection with the audience. Director Pravesh Chaurasiya , who started with serials and went through the path of advertisements, now turns to films, understands his responsibilities very well. That is why he also takes great care of his social responsibilities in all the productions of his production company 'Gravity Studio India' and his digital venture 'Intermeidiot worldwide.

Pravesh Chaurasiya’s objective is that the first responsibility of the director is to be a good and responsible viewer himself. This is the first condition of being a director. We had a conversation with him and here are some excerpts:

Focusing on social responsibilities while creating something is what should always be there on a director’s mind. Pravesh Chaurasiya says, ‘Cinema is the mirror of society, just saying this is not enough. We have to keep looking at society and also fulfil our responsibility towards it because this is where we are from.’ On this thought of keeping responsibility in mind for ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR), he has started a venture named 'Creative Social Responsibility’ (CSR). This is a way through which he can fulfil his social responsibilities along with creativity.

The director's aim is heart to heart communication. He says that whether he makes an advertisement or a film, his endeavour is to stay connected with the people. He always wants to reach the common people. He says that today cinema has become very wide, there is a lot of content, but if we look a little carefully, we understand that we are forgetting our responsibility amidst creativity.

Chaurasiya believes how special a film can become, is decided by how good a director himself can become for a common audience. It means for the director to see his film from the point of view of the common audience, connecting with the emotions of the common people and finding a way to get his story into their hearts. Pravesh Chaurasiya says ‘The aim should be to connect with the emotions of the common people. Any director should be the first audience of every film.’

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