Cashless corona test facility is going to start in this city
Cashless corona test facility is going to start in this city

Dehradun: The corona test of patients with pneumonia, respiratory disease is going to be cashless on a golden card in a private hospital registered under the state Atal Ayushman Yojana. This cheque will be paid separately to the hospital under the scheme. There will be no fee from the patient for conducting private hospital covid test.

175 hospitals have been registered in the state to provide cashless treatment facility up to 5 lakhs on the Golden Card under the Atal Ayushman Yojana. Which has 73 private hospitals. In government hospitals, samples of patients with suspected symptoms of covid are being sampled for free. If a Golden Holder Private is admitted to te hospital on pneumonia, respiratory disease. So he was taking his corona test money. On this, the authority has made it clear that the corona test of such patients will also be cashless. Whether the sample report is positive or negative. If the patient is positive in the investigation, then the private hospital is to be paid on the basis of the rate fixed by the government for the treatment of covid. Even after the negative report of the patient, the private hospital will be paid on the basis of the rates of Ayushman scheme.

It has been learned that State Health Authority President DK Kotia has told that cashless covid will be tested for patients in a private hospital registered on the Golden Card. Private hospitals will be paid separately for the covid test. Hospitals will not be able to charge patients for pneumonia, respiratory or other diseases for testing.

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