Corona wreaks havoc in Delhi, new cases constantly increasing
Corona wreaks havoc in Delhi, new cases constantly increasing

New Delhi: Over 21,000 active corona patients have increased in a month in the national capital. The case is increasing rapidly with the continuous reduction in the number of people who are recovering against the infections.

According to the Delhi Health Ministry, there are 32,250 active patients at present. On 18th August, the number was 11068. So, in a month, more than 21 thousand cases have gone up. From the beginning of the infection, active cases in Delhi began to rise. On 28th June, the figure reached close to 29 thousand. Thereafter, in one and a half months, the cases declined and on 4th August, the figure went down to 10,000. It was then estimated that the active patients would be even less, but since then the cases are continuously increasing. This is the first time in the capital that more than 21 thousand active patients are growing in a month. With the increase in these patients, the beds are being filled up in the hospital itself.

With this, the figure of patients living in home quarantine has also increased by more than 50 per cent. The re-growing of active patients is being called the second wave of infection. However, experts are refusing it. Apollo Hospital Doctor Yash Gulati says the figure of daily infections has now exceeded 4000 on an average. The cases are increasing as investigations are increasing. Against which fewer patients are recovering. It is expected that the active patients are decreasing again after this month.

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