Two trucks collide with each other, drivers and conductor injured

Mirzapur: A horrific road accident has occurred in Mirzapur district of UP. Two trucks collided face to face in the accident. In this, the drivers of both the trucks were injured. The foot of the conductor of a truck was cut off. Local people gave information to the police and took the injured to the Divisional Hospital for treatment where after the first aid, the driver of a truck was referred to Varanasi. A truck coming towards Mirzapur near Samogra village in front of Karanpur outpost in the countryside Kotwali area collided with another truck going towards Rewa.

Face to face fierce collision of both trucks took place in Mirzapur. An auto coming from behind also crashed into the truck after the accident. Auto riders narrowly escaped the accident. The drivers of both trucks got stuck in the cabin. Local people informed the police and took out the injured. In this, Khalaseervindra Singh son of truck coming towards Mirzapur, Bhaganu Singh resident of Baligaon Jagdish Bhojpur was cut off. Local people called an ambulance and sent the driver-driver of both trucks to the Divisional Hospital for treatment.

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