Doctor killed dog with knife in Gwalior, video goes viral
Doctor killed dog with knife in Gwalior, video goes viral

Gwalior: In Gwalior, a disturbing case has recently surfaced from Gwalior. Anyone who sees the savagery of a satchel impression doctor here will lose consciousness. The sole reason he is supposed to have smashed a street dog (Dog) into pieces was that he had bitten the doctor's son. Animal rights activists have formed a front against the doctor involved in the case, albeit no police report has been made yet. The entire case is claimed to have originated in Gwalior's Dabra Dehat police station's Simaria village. The son of satchel print doctor Rakesh Bengali had been attacked by a street dog.

The doctor was furious, and in order to avenge himself, he viciously thrashed the street dog before stabbing him in the foot and throat. Not only that, but when he, too, failed to occupy the doctor's thoughts, he dismembered the dog. Animal Lovers have now arrived at the police station in connection with the matter, albeit no one has yet filed a report. The locals are also alleged to be concerned about the doctor's strange behaviour and have requested that he be detained. A stray dog is alleged to have bitten the victim 10-12 days ago. 

The doctor's son, on the other hand, was unhurt and made a full recovery after the injection. Dr Rakesh Bengali, on the other hand, was enraged and began looking for a street dog. When Doggy was discovered two days later, the doctor grabbed her and began punishing her by standing on her neck. The doctor stabbed him in the leg and throat after assaulting him and then fled in pieces.

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VIDEO SOURCE: Free Press Journal




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