First caught a lady to fulfilled lust and then murdered

Jun 12 2019 08:27 PM
First caught a lady to fulfilled lust and then murdered

Nowadays crime cases are constantly increasing. The case that has come up is that of Ratlam. Homologous reports that the case of dowry harassment cases including molestation of a woman was reported on Tuesday in different police station areas of the district. Yes, according to reports, the JavaRa industrial Area police station has been handed over the body of a 30-40-year-old unidentified woman on Tuesday from a dry drain behind the manshaful Colony Village Luhari Raw Road poultry farm.

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In the case, the police said, the woman was murdered between June 7 and 9 and was raped earlier. The police has registered a case under section 302,376 Bhadvi and started the search for the accused. "The investigation in this case is continuing and the case will soon be investigated and all the exploits are brought to the fore.

In one case, a woman on the industrial Area police station filed a report that her husband, Rahul's son, was self-made. Chimanlal, mother-in-law Pushpa and Anjali Pati Dharmesh Mehta All resident village Sukheda Piploda threatened and harassed her by demanding dowry. With this, a woman on the Deen Dayal Nagar police station filed a report that her husband Sushil son Nauraram, a resident of Dilip Nagar, tormented her for dowry. The police registered both the cases and launched the investigation.

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