A girl's father killed her husband

Sep 25 2020 06:11 PM
A girl's father killed her husband

The heartbeat incident from Hyderabad in Theni district came to light, the girl's father drowned her husband in the mud. According to a recent report, the young man, Hemant, has been in contact with Avanti for about eight years and both married against the wish of Avanti's father Lakshmana Reddy and her other family members. It should be noted that the young man was kidnapped and murdered by his brother-in-law and his relatives at Kishtayyaguda in Sangam district in the cruelty plan in this case.

Let's briefly report about the incident, according to the report, the girl's uncle Yugender Reddy and other relatives came to their house in Chandanagar and were forced to take them to Avanti's parents and were taken to the car. When the carter reached the ring road, they were taken to Zahirabad. The couple then jumped out of the moving car.

However, two unidentified persons, including Yugender, came in the car and kidnapped Hemant. They took him to Theni district and killed him. His body was found in an open space. Hemant's family members alleged that the police had somewhat ignored the delay in reaching the spot.

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