Step father's friend and brother molested a teenager, police registered case

Feb 11 2020 02:40 PM
Step father's friend and brother molested a teenager, police registered case

A new case of crime has emerged from Gwalior. In this case, the daughter returned from her in-laws has been molested by the stepfather's brother, brother-in-law and his friend, alone. While the victim made noise while protesting, the accused fled. The matter is being reported from the Stone Park of the Old Cantonment Police Station area. The victim complained about the case after the mother and stepfather returned from work and after hearing this, the father gave her the assurance of safety and found the daughter alone and committed the wrongdoing with her.

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After becoming the victim of this case, the victim reached the police station and complained about the case. The police have registered a case of molestation including rape on the complaint of the victim. According to reports, the father of a seventeen-year-old teenager, a resident of Stone Park in Old Cantonment Police Station area, died a few years ago and after the father's death, the mother married a young man named Ballu. The teenager has married a few days ago in Bhitwar. She has returned home after marriage. When his mother and father went to work two days ago, father's brother Chhotu, brother-in-law Mukesh and father's friend Suraj came to her house and started molesting her. When she protested, the accused threatened her.

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The accused escaped as soon as the noise was made. In this case, the police say that they have been told that after the parents returned from work, the victim complained to them, the father assured that there would be no wrongdoing with her. After the father's assurance, the teenager became convinced. The very next day when mother and father went out to work. Shortly after, her stepfather came back and threatened her. Now the investigation is going on in this matter.

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