Neither the criticizer nor the celebrities-Here what the ‘AAM JANTA’ said on ‘DEMONETIZATION’

8th November 2016, will always recall in the world for taking a major step to curb black money from Indian Economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s master-move to demonetize Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes will definitely help India to move from dark to more crystal clear economy.

While, the decision of turning ‘BLACK MONEY INTO WHITE MONEY” is being criticizing by the member of opposition as well as the corrupted one, but on the other side many celebrities are appreciating and coordinating with the change.

But, what about the commoners or real AAM AADMIS? Are they in favor or against on the matter??

Read what Indian Janta have to say:

“Dear Rahul Gandhi , Mr. Kejriwal & all other who oppose the ‘DEMONETISATION’ decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kindly do not worry of inconvenience to common man...we can bear it...We have seen enough of Bandhs, Chaos and hartals during-River issues,s ome Leaders assassination,actors death...mandal commission...bundle commission...Etc..etc..

We have stood in Queue since Independence for..Ration…Kerosene…Hospital treatment…School admission..College admission…Books…Medicines…Train tickets…Bus passes and Ticket…LPG connection…To pay electricity bills…Water bills…Municipality tax…Sales tax…Income Tax….Fertilizer…Birth certificate…Death certificate…Darshans at Religious places.. and also for VOTING’.

Queue for each and every permissions under ur License Raj..We don't mind to stand in the Bank Queue for a Better Tomorrow....

From: The Real Aam Aadmi”

Meanwhile, this decision can help India reduce recapitalize banks, inflation, interest rates as well as with making the financial system alive, with capital inflows.

So, what we got is, how people appreciating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic steps in Independent India. And, those who are not supporting please be calm and wait to watch the result, as it will help you too.





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