Husband committed suicide by writing 'Seeing wife sleeping in lover's arms...'

Patna: In Bihar, many cases of severing relations keep coming to the fore. Now the case which has come up recently is from Nalanda district. Here the husband gave his life by hanging. Yes and the police had found a suicide note near the dead body. At the same time, such things have been written in it, after knowing about which people are expressing surprise. In fact, the husband wrote in his suicide note, 'When I reached to take back the wife who had gone from home, she was sleeping in the arms of the lover. I was very sad seeing this sight. There's no point in living for me. Now I am giving my life...'

Let us tell you that after this suicide, the shadow of the father has risen from the heads of two innocent children. This whole matter is of Laheri police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNalanda district. In fact, Chandradev Kumar used to live in a colony here. He was married in the year 2015 and had a business of selling potatoes and onions. He gave his life by hanging himself in the house on 16 May. In this case, the police recovered a suicide note from near the dead body, reading which the policemen were also shocked. In fact, the husband had mentioned the alleged illicit relationship of the wife in the suicide note.

In the suicide note, Chandradev further wrote, 'The wife had illicit relations with another youth apart from her classmate. Tried to persuade the wife many times in many ways, but even after having children, she wanted to be with her lover. That's why I am giving my life. On May 8, the wife disappeared from the house to meet her lover. After that I reached to pick him up. Where she saw that she was in the arms of her lover. I cannot mention that objectionable state. After that I decided to end my life.

In this case, Laheri SHO Subodh Kumar told that Chandradev has committed suicide by hanging. He has accused his wife of suicide. Along with this, the whole matter is mentioned in the suicide note found from the youth. At present, the body was handed over to the relatives after the post-mortem and action would be taken after receiving the rest of the report.

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