Indore: The child lost his life due to boiling milk

Indore: A heart-wrenching accident has come to light from Indore. In fact, here a child found it difficult to imitate his mother. According to the information received in this case, a six-year-old child imitated his mother and lost his life in this imitation. In fact, he was blowing the pipe to make the boiling milk sit and in the meantime the boiling milk went inside it while breathing, due to which he died. This matter is being told about 4 days ago.

However, on Sunday, he died during treatment. Describing this matter, Lasudia Police says, the incident is of Phoenix Township on the evening of November 23. He told that the child's father Ramji Prasad told about this that he had gone to work. The house was survived by wife Ranju Devi, six-year-old son Sanjeev Kumar and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Sweety. Meanwhile, in the evening, the wife went to the kitchen to cook and put the milk on the gas to be heated. After that she got engaged in some other work. At the same time, when son Sanjeev saw that the milk was boiling, he put a slab and reached the gas stand. Giving further information, he said, after that he blew the pot with a plastic pipe, due to which the milk sat in the pot, but in the meantime the child breathed rapidly, due to which the milk was piped into the hot milk in his mouth. Gone.

Due to this his internal parts got burnt. We admitted him to Aurobindo Hospital. He was treated for about three days but now he has died. At the same time, Ramji Prasad, the father of the child from the police, says, 'Sanjeev used to see his mother blowing on boiling milk every day, due to which he also tried to do the same, but he took the help of a pipe. Due to which he lost his life.

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