Indore's teacher did wonders, prepared an indigenous model of electric car in just 80 thousand
Indore's teacher did wonders, prepared an indigenous model of electric car in just 80 thousand

Indore: The skyrocketing prices of diesel and petrol in India have forced all automobile engineers to design cheaper vehicles. In these situations, a teacher from Indore himself has converted a diesel and petrol-powered car into an electric vehicle on the basis of his own jugaad. Not only this, now this teacher through his students is preparing to start a startup to convert expensive cars running on petrol and diesel into electric cars. In the same 80 thousand, the teacher has traveled 200 km by converting the car from petrol to electronic. Amidst the inflation of petrol and diesel, this new trick is really tremendous.

Petrol car converted into electric vehicle:-

All the electric cars that are being launched in the present era, its price is almost above 10 lakhs. In such a situation, people who have their own cars running on petrol and diesel. There was no option to convert them to an electric car. This was the reason, mechanical engineer Arun Kharat decided to change his school car from petrol to electric vehicle. For this he modified his Maruti van. In this, the motor was converted into an electric vehicle by combining the battery and the controller. After that, started the work of the school with this vehicle.

Decision to start startup:-

Earlier the car in which petrol or diesel was used for 600 to 700 per day. It's running for half the price now. Not only this, by charging it every day at home, 80 to 100 kilometers can be easily run at a speed of 50 to 60 kilometers in one charging. Now Arun, along with his other school children, has decided to start a startup to convert other vehicles of the city from petrol to electric at a cost of two to 2.5 lakh rupees. For this, he has also participated in organizing startups. His effort is that the companies of the automobile sector who are making electric vehicles. Similarly, if the transport department recognizes vehicles running on petrol and diesel engines as electric vehicles, then in future most vehicles will be able to switch from petrol diesel to electric.

Goods buying from Delhi:-

The same Arun Kharat is buying batteries, motor controllers and other equipment from Delhi for whatever electric vehicles he makes. We are making a car that can take about 5 people through normal battery and motor. Apart from this, he is also preparing the charger along with the car. With this, the vehicle can be charged when the battery is discharged.

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