IPL 2018 Live SRH vs KKR:SRH win by 5 wickets
IPL 2018 Live SRH vs KKR:SRH win by 5 wickets

The 11th season of the IPL has begun to be booming like this every season. The IPL has completed 10 successive years, and has stepped into its 11th year this year. So far nine matches have been played in this IPL season. The 10th match of the season is being played between Sunrise Hyderabad and KKR on the home ground of Kolkata, means Eden Gardens.

At the soil of Eden Gardens, Hyderabad have won the toss, and they have decided to bowl first.

KKR Set the taget of 139 for SRH.

SRH got Six runs from the first over. In OVER 2 Dhawan and Saha hit four apiece. SRH 16/0 in chase of 139. In OVER 3Three fours from Saha off Johnson. SRH 32/0 in chase of 139. In OVER 3.1 Narine striked off the first ball to dismiss Saha for 24. SRH 32/1. In OVER 4 Just three runs from the over. SRH 35/1. In OVER 5 Williamson hits two fours off Chawla. SRH 45/1. In OVER 5.1Narine striked again to get rid of Dhawan. SRH 46/2.In OVER 7: Kuldeep Yadav gave away just three runs. SRH 49/2

50 came up for SRH in 7.3 overs in chase of 139

End of Powerplay! SRH reach 46 for the loss of two wickets in chase of 139.

After 10.2 overs SRH 66/3.

and finally Sunrisers won by 5 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

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