Just before death, such a commotion in mind that the doctors' senses were blown away.
Just before death, such a commotion in mind that the doctors' senses were blown away.

For the first time, the brain activity of a dying person has been recorded. The rhythmic actions in the brain have been closely observed. This is exactly what you feel while dreaming. The actions that go on in the mind at the time of death are considered equal to the appearance of life before death. Just before a person dies, in a few seconds or minutes, he starts remembering his old life.

Dr. Raul Vicente at the University of Tartu in Estonia has succeeded on recording the brain of an 87-year-old man. This elderly person was suffering from epilepsy. To record their brain movements, Dr. Roll took the help of electroencephalography (EEG). Monitoring of the brain of the elderly was done continuously through the EEG machine.

It was unfortunate that the elderly did not survive. But due to epilepsy, he later suffered a heart attack and lost his life. But before death, all the movements of his brain were recorded in the EEG machine. When Dr. Raul Vicente and his team saw recordings of the brain activity of the elderly, they were also stunned. Because this is the first time that it has been successful to record the movements of the mind of a dying person. The detailed study of this recording has been published in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience.

University of Louisville neurosurgeon Dr. Ajmal Jemar, involved in this study, has said that we have recorded 900 seconds of the time of death in the EEG machine. That means about 15 minutes. But our entire focus was only on 30 seconds before death and 30 seconds after that. It was found in the study that as long as the heart continued, the waves were also going on continuously in the brain of the elderly. These waves were keeping the cognitive functions of that elderly active.

Some of which were also such waves, which a living person produces while dreaming while sleeping. That is, it is completely lost in its old memories. By accumulating old information, he also tries to see and think about them together. This part was going to blow the scientists' senses. Because just after some time the heart, body and mind all become calm. Some kind of biological or chemical process stops in the body, which happens in a living human being.



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