Karva Chauth; the festival of Indian women's devotion for their husband

‘Karva chauth’ has all it’s meaning in the word itself… ‘Karva’ means earthen pots used to store wheat and ‘chauth’ means the fourth day. When anyone herds it, the first thought hits the mind is that ‘tradition’, but you can ask the importance of this occasion from any married Indian Woman as they does the fast on this day for their life partner. This year, the auspicious festival will be celebrated on 19th October.

During the noon timings, women does worship of God Shiva, Ganesha, Karthikeya and goddess Parvati and also offers the earthen pots and containing rice and urad dal along with the kit of ‘Solah Shringar’ to their mother in law.

On the day of this Hindu festival married women dressed themselves in a bright ethnic dresses, does all the shringars, apply beautiful intricate mehendi designs on their hands and waits for the moon to rise to break their fast. According to Mahabharatha’s Vana Parva, “Karva Chauth’s origins can be traced back to the time when Savitri begged the god of death, Lord Yama for her husband’s soul.”

And, lastly when the moon rises, at that time husbands beautifully feed their ladies, which marks the love between the duo. Truly by doing all this Indian Women symbolizes her devotion and love towards her husband.

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