Neither gold-silver nor money.., this mad thief steals only judges clothes

Kolhapur: There is a thief living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, who stoles not gold-silver and notes but judges' clothes. The whole of Kolhapur was surprised by his unique theft. Everyone wondered what the thief wanted. After all, why does he steal clothes and that too the clothes of judges? If the thief had done this once in a while, it would have understood. But the thief was repeatedly stealing the judges' clothes. The judges were upset and engaged the entire administration, the police. In the end, it was the judges' staff who acquired this unique thief. The thief was later handed over to the police. The police produced the thief in court. The court remanded the thief to three days' custody.

There is a judicial magistrate's court at Gargoti in Bhudgarh taluka under the Kolhapur district. The court itself has the facilities of residence of judges in the premises. In these quarters they live with their families. In this case, the clothes of them and their family members are put on the premises for drying after washing. But what had happened for the past few days was that the clothes that were put in the sun to dry suddenly disappear. This theft of clothes was constantly taking place. Finally, the judges laid a trap to nab the thief. All the tricks were put in and the whole department started catching the thief.

At the behest of the justice, their employees started preparing a maze to nab the thief. The thief was planning the next theft as earlier. He had no clue that a trap had been laid to nab him. Then once again he arrived on the premises as usual to steal clothes. But the ambushed employees here immediately caught him. The thief was then taken to the police. The police also immediately swung into action registered a case and produced the thief before the court. The court remanded him to three days' custody. But the question still remains, why did he steal clothes?

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