Memorizing' 97 years of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre' !
Memorizing' 97 years of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre' !

Today’s day is recalling us a day which has been a black day for our history. 97 years back on this day on the occasion of Baisakhi, a tragedy happened which shocked not only our country but also become a matter of concern, Yes! It was Jalliawala Bagh tragedy.

It is also known as Amritsar massacre (1919). 97 years completed to this tragedy but still the pain that our freedom fighters had faced, can never be forgotten, the relief in which we are living now and taking a breath of freedom is a gift of our soldiers. Every corner of the BAGH you able to see, from walls to well, tell you a story of a brutal incident.

From the page of history

It is said by the report of Indian British Government, only 379 people were killed and 1000 were wounded while 1000 people were killed total 1500 wounded, as per report of Indian national congress.

  On the order of General O’Dyer his army shot the gathered assembly continuously for 10 minutes. To save their lives people were running here and there, even some people jumped into the well, about 120 dead bodies were received from the well. Dyer was despite being punished supported by the British government and later sent from India to Britain, but after all because of the international pressure he made to resign.

After this assassination, the flame of freedom hiked up and makes people to fight for their rights more.

Today’s day let us to memorize that moment. We should respect and admire the sacrifice of our freedom fighters, and also to Take care of the freedom and prosperity they have given to us by suffering from their lives. 

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