Mother kills 6-year-old daughter, Know why

Noida: Police in Noida has made a shocking finding in the case of a 6-year-old girl's murder. A mother murdered her 6-year-old daughter and disposed of her body in the woods. The woman was apprehended by police, and the event was made public. Surprisingly, the mother had also reported her daughter missing to the authorities in order to blame her husband.

On November 12, the corpse of a girl was discovered in Sector-93, Noida, according to Noida Police. The girl's corpse was confiscated by police, and an inquiry was launched. The girl's name was Neha Sharma, according to the inquiry. The young lady was just six years old. The criminal lady involved in the event was apprehended by police. Anuradha was the woman's name, and she was from Aligarh and lived in Noida's Sector 93. The deceased's mother, Anuradha, and her spouse, Ramkumar, were married, according to the inquiry. Ramkumar, on the other hand, married for the second time in 2010. They started having two daughters together.

Rajkumar does, in fact, own a home in Noida's Sector-93. He intended to offer it to his loved ones. Anuradha, on the other hand, planned to murder her daughter and capture her husband. In such event, he will be arrested and his apartment will be taken over by her. Anuradha did this by taking her daughter to a remote location and strangling her to death. He then travelled to Greater Noida under the guise of getting medication and then vanished. When the lady was apprehended and questioned by the police, she confessed to the crime.

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