Brutally bitten husband's jaw, wife sleeping beside didn't know!

Vidisha: A shocking case has recently come to light from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, a young man who got married here 15 days ago was hacked to death with a sharp weapon. Above all, his wife slept beside him and did not know anything. Police are now investigating the matter. The victim got married on June 20.

The family reportedly went to Hoshangabad for a Narmada bath as soon as the bride returned to her in-laws from parental home after her farewell. After that, the husband and wife were alone in the house. At night, while sleeping, someone entered the house and cut off the young man's face and jaw mercilessly. In the meantime, the wife, who was sleeping correspondingly, did not know anything. Police are now suspecting the newlywed bride in the case. Police say a young man named Sonu got married on June 20. When her bride came to her in-laws for the first time after her farewell, the family members went for a Narmada bath.

It was a shocking incident on the same night. Police say Sonu's wife has stated, "She doesn't know anything about the incident. She was sleeping at the time of the accident.'' On the other hand, the brother of the deceased Sonu says, 'His family has no enmity with anyone. Now the police are investigating the entire case from every angle.'

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