Corona test become mandatory before making driving license
Corona test become mandatory before making driving license

New Delhi: Are you going to the RTO office for the driving test? If so, you will now have to undergo the Covid-19 test. The proposal has been moved by the Ministry to check the growing Covid case across the country. In addition, testing is being conducted across the country to enhance Covid testing across the country. The initiative has been launched by the South East Delhi District Administration and will soon be taken up at the RTO office in other states.

Testing started at the RTO office in the capital: It has revealed that district officials are camping in public places in all the cities. In addition, coronavirus is also being tested at RTO office and Sarai Kale Khan stable office located in the south zone and central zone of the capital city.

However, RTO officers have said that a large number of people are coming to our office to conduct the Covid test at this moment. To get all those people checked, we have to increase the working hours of our employees because it takes time to do rapid tests and result, which also causes people to wait.

Delhi District Magistrate Informed: South East Delhi District Magistrate Harlene Kaur said, "The RTO is following a guideline issued by the government and the RTO office's move will already make people aware of the Covid."

The Transport Department said that the testing at the camp is going to take place from 8:30 am to 11 pm. In addition, we are also planning to take up a new place for testing because we are increasing the way the cases of Covid testing are increasing every day. This is necessary in view of this and by following social distancing.

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