Nursing student's pain, said- 'The doctor tried to rape me'

Ranchi: SNMMCH of Dhanbad in Jharkhand is once again in the news. A serious case has been heard from here. A nursing student here has accused Dr UN Verma of an anaesthesia department of SNMMCH of attempting rape. The student has complained to the superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Arun Kumar Barnwal, about the criminal doctor.

Thereafter, a demand is being raised for action against the doctor. On the other hand, the family members of the student have to say that their daughter is under mental stress and if anything bad happens to her or she takes any wrong step, the accused doctor is going to be responsible.

According to information received so far, the student has alleged in her complaint that she was called by Dr. U.N. Verma to work in her private nursing home and tried to rape her when she reached there. The student has also said that doctors were pressurising her to work in a private nursing home. Somehow she escaped. In addition, the student has been accused of not allowing the exam form to be filled.

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