Online game devastated the family, the elder brother crushed the younger one to death with a stone, threw the corpse into the well"

Ahmedabad: A brother killed another for playing online games in Kheda district of Gujarat. Actually, there was a fight between two real brothers over a mobile phone. According to the information, a 16-year-old brother brutally killed his younger brother by crushing him with stones. After this the body was thrown in the well. Kheda city police sub-inspector SP Prajapati has said that the incident took place in Goblej village on Monday and the minor accused was taken into custody on Wednesday. He said that according to preliminary investigation, the family is a resident of Banswara district of Rajasthan and had come to Kheda village to do wages.

Prajapati further said that on May 23, both the brothers were taking turns playing online games on mobile phones. Meanwhile, the accused had a dispute with his 11-year-old younger brother. Who had refused to give him the mobile when it was his turn to play. In a fit of rage, Kishore hit his younger brother on the head with a big stone. The minor's younger brother fainted in this attack. After this, the accused brother tied the body of the younger brother with a stone attached to the wire and threw it in a nearby well. During this time no one else was present at the spot except both of them.

Thereafter, without informing his parents, the accused minor boarded a bus and came to his hometown in Rajasthan. When the parents did not meet their two sons at home till late in the evening, they inquired in their hometown and inquired about their elder son. When they brought him back and asked him about his younger brother, the accused told them that he had killed him after a fight. On getting information about the incident from the family on Wednesday, the police reached the spot and took out the victim's body from the well and registered a case of murder against the minor.

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