Police arrested 5 accused in the theft case

Jan 25 2021 10:04 PM
Police arrested 5 accused in the theft case

Hyderabad: In the perimeter of monda market police station, thieves cleaned hands at nemichand jewellery showroom in Pat Market on Saturday. The police took action and arrested the thieves within 24 hours.

Police said that at 3.30 am on Friday, the thieves removed the ventilator bars and entered the back of the showroom after robbing 1,219 grams of gold and 302 grams of silver.

When the showroom owner learned about this, he informed the police. The police reached the spot and investigated the complaint through the clue team. Theft was resolved based on CCTV footage.

Police arrested 5 accused, including the showroom owner driver in the theft case.

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