Shameful actions of school teachers, doing this work during exam

Bilaspur: The school teacher in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, has revealed embarrassing news. In the school classroom where the children were studying, at the same time, there was a wine and fish party going on in the kitchen. The party was attended by the headmaster of the school as well as other teachers. The headmaster who organized this liquor party was running the Sanskrit examination in the same school at that time. All the teachers, except the exam, had taken fish for the party to the neighborhood school drunk. This matter is of Khapri Primary School in Bilha.

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Where the children were taking the Sanskrit assessment test at 11 am in the former Secondary School, Koharuda. Meanwhile, the school's principal reader Jagjivan Ram Tirkey had reached Khapari, a nearby primary school, with a fish. He also called Khapari school teacher Ganesh Chandrakar. Both went to the mid-day dining room and sat down to cook fish and have a wine party. In this party, the school's principal reader Santosh Kumar Dhruv also supported both, the villagers gave the information of this matter to the media when the truth was revealed. Koharoda Middle and Khapri Primary School in Bilha Block are around the same. Jagjivan Ram Tirkey, who is in charge of Koharoda School, goes to a drunk school. In the kitchen on Friday, HM Santosh Kumar Dhruv, teacher Chandrakar and Kohoda HM Jagjivan Tirkey of Khapri School were having a fish and liquor party together. HM Santosh Kumar has told that he was not involved in it. Chandrakar gave the phone to his wife. Angry villagers have demanded the removal of the three teachers. He told that he does not study in school but everything else is happening. Such teachers should be removed immediately.

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HM Santosh Kumar Dhruv has told that he was teaching children. Meanwhile, HM Jagjivan Tirkey came to the secondary school, Kohoda and started making fish in the kitchen. He had already drunk liquor, told HM Jagjivan Ram Tirkey of Kohoda school, "I will do what I am alone. Talk to DEO and BYO." Ganesh Chandrakar's wife picked up the phone and said that Guruji is not present at home. On this matter, District Education Officer RN Hiradhar told that he does not know about this but if this happens, immediate action will be taken. He also said, "I will report such teachers and suspend them."

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