Spider-Man's craze reduced after a month, this film made its first place

After a month, Spider-Man-No Way Home has lagged behind at the box office. According to media reports, Paramount Pictures' Scream has earned $30.6 million over the weekend. 'Scream', is the self reel which is the 5th movie of the franchise. The story of the movie begins from where it ends. New artists have been presented in this franchise. According to Paramount, the movie grossed a total of $35 million on Monday. The movie has been invested about $24 million to make, which has earned $50 million in the international market.

Scream is the first most successful movie of the year. After which the makers hope that stability is going to come up in the theatres again. The release date of movies is being extended due to the growing case of Corona and Omicron. The movie stars New Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Marley Shelton, Melissa Barra, Jena Ortega, Dylan Minnet, Jack Cad. While Matt Bettynelli-Olpin, Tyler Gelatin has directed. The story of Scream is written by James Vanderbilt, Guy Busik.

Spider-Man: No Way Home reaches second: According to media reports, Spider-Man: No Way Home has come second but still is earning at the box office. 'No Way Home' earned $20.8 million in its 5th week of release. Sony Pictures released the movie on Martin Luther King's Junior Weekend. No Way Home has earned a total of $703 million in the domestic market on Monday. It can cross the gross value to the black panther to reach the fourth position. Globally 'Spider: Man No Way Home' earned $1.6 billion. Spider-Man No Way Home was released in India on December 16, the movie still seems to be receiving a good response from the audience. Spider-Man Knew They were in the role of Tom Holland Ego in Home. two sequels of spider - man have been released before.

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