Sports Ministry Takes Action: Suspension Hits New Wrestling Federation of India Leadership
Sports Ministry Takes Action: Suspension Hits New Wrestling Federation of India Leadership

New Delhi: The Sports Ministry has suspended the new Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) body, led by Sanjay Singh, citing a complete disregard for existing rules and regulations. On Sunday, December 24, the ministry announced its decision, stating that the WFI body's hasty announcement of national competitions lacked due process.

In an official release, the Sports Ministry highlighted that the president of the newly elected body, Sanjay Kumar Singh, declared on December 21 that junior national competitions would commence before the year's end. The ministry emphasized that this action violated the rules, as a minimum 15-day notice was required to allow wrestlers adequate preparation time.

"Such decisions (holding nationals) are to be taken by the Executive Committee, before which agendas are required to be placed for consideration. As per Article XI of the WFI constitution under the heading 'Notices and Quorum for Meetings,' the minimum notice period for an EC meeting is 15 clear days, and the quorum is 1/3rd of representatives. Even for an Emergency EC meeting, the minimum notice period is 7 clear days, with a quorum requirement of 1/3rd of representatives," stated the ministry in its press release.

The ministry further alleged that the new body seemed to be under the influence of the previous office bearers, against whom allegations of sexual harassment had been made.

"The newly elected body appears to be in complete control of former office bearers in complete disregard to the Sports Code," remarked the ministry.

"The business of the Federation is being run from the premises controlled by former office bearers. Which is also alleged premises wherein sexual harassment of the players has been alleged, and the present court is hearing the matter," it added.

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