Bride kept waiting in mandap, groom went to do this work before seven vows
Bride kept waiting in mandap, groom went to do this work before seven vows

Chhatarpur: A groom went to give the exam before taking seven vows in Chhatarpur town of Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, the bride and other relatives sat in the mandap and waited for the groom. About three hours later, when the groom returned after the examination, the ritual of Varmala and seven vows were completed. The incident is of Kalyan Mandapam in Chhatarpur, where a mass marriage programme was organised by the Bundelkhand family, where 11 couples got married together.

Ramji Sen and Preeti Sen were also married among these couples, but on the day of the wedding, the groom Ramji had the 10th board examination exam, due to which the groom came to give the exam before the wedding. According to the news, the date of the wedding was fixed before the date of the exam came. 

The same Ramji attended all the pre-wedding ceremonies, but at the time of the exam, he reached the examination centre and after about 3 hours, he attended the wedding by giving the paper. The groom said that today there have been two exams of his life, where he has given the first exam to study, while the second exam has started his life, which will continue throughout his life.

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