The in-laws were demanding dowry, when not giving so on Daughter-in-law...

Jun 24 2019 02:25 PM
The in-laws were demanding dowry, when not giving so on Daughter-in-law...

Nowadays cases of rising crime are all shocked. That's what the case has recently surfaced. Yes, according to reports, the newlyweds were knocked out of the house after failing to meet the demand for a plot in Shahjahanpur. According to reports, the victim's father has filed a dowry harassment report against nine people, including his daughter-in-law and father-in-law, Girish Chandra Sharma, a resident of Mohalla Pakka Katra in the city, told police in Tahrir that he married daughter Shivani Sharma on February 10. The Sugar Mill Colony was with resident Endurance Sharma.

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It is now alleged that the in-laws had been harassing her daughter since marriage demanding dowry and often beating her with a hungry belly. In the same case, it has been reported that the in-laws were continuously demanding a residential plot and their daughter-in-law was beaten up on 16th June when her daughter expressed inability to buy the plot as her father did not have the status. Kicked out of the house and warned that her doors are completely locked in the in-laws until her father does not give the plot purchase.

According to reports, the victim's father said that when he reached his home to talk to his in-laws, he was bent on killing himself with his licensed gun and hitting him and kicking him out of the house. Based on the complaint, the police have filed complaints in other sections including dowry harassment against husband Endurance, father-in-law Rajaram, mother-in-law Bithauli Devi, Jeth Yogeshwar alias Ajay, Jethani Preeti, Sarla, Anita, Nand Renu, Nandoi and Sanjeev.

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