This actor also wants to work in Spider-Man's next series

Kirsten Dunst, once the main part of the Spiderman movie, wants to make a comeback to this franchise movie. It seems that after watching the success of the recently released movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, her desire to work in this franchise movie has increased a little more. That's when she expressed her desire to work in this movie. The actress acted as Merry Jean Watson with Toby Maguey reins in Sam Ramy's Spider-Man about twenty years ago. Now that Toby has returned to the movie with Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans wondered if Kirsten was going to do the same.

According to media reports, it is not clear if Marvel is planning to recreate her role in any future MCU movie, Kirsten herself says she is fully prepared for it. In a recent conversation with People magazine, Kirsten replied, "Of course, I'm going to do it. Of course. I've been asked about this many times. That's absolutely easy. It was a big part of my career and my life."

Kirsten continues, saying that she has always been a fan of characters and franchises that inspire her to be open to a comeback. She adds, "It's a great legacy to be a part of it and become the first fan of Spider-Man." However, she has said that she shamefully admitted that she still didn't see Spider-Man: No Way Home, before adding that she wants to soon. She said, "I know I have to. I know Toby in it and it's such a big surprise and everyone is going crazy. I'll do it. I'll see it soon."

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