Tired of selling her footwear, the actress... Now this unique thing is being sold.
Tired of selling her footwear, the actress... Now this unique thing is being sold.

The actress, who has done a business of millions and crores by locking her foot in the box, has started a new business. A foreign actress named Stephanie Mato has recently raised the curtain on Raj that now she does business by stuffing her in sweat jars or bottles and in this way she earns up to ₹5,000 in a month i.e. ₹3,88,250. If their one day's income is added according to the 30-31 days of the month, these earnings will become subject to about ₹11647500.

For information, let us know that until 3-4 months ago, Stephanie was doing a foot business and used to earn crores from it. The 31-year-old actress had to leave this strange business of hers for fear of a heart attack. His condition had deteriorated so much that he had to be admitted to the hospital in a fit of rage. However, now she explains in her interview to Jam Press, The heat is coming and my are drenched in sweat, so why not fill them in a bottle and sell them. ”

Mato says it takes him 15 minutes to fill up the sweat from his in a bottle. If the weather is too  hot, she even fills 10 bottles of her sweat a day and sells it for close to $500 from her X-rated unfiltered site. Mato also calls this work a work of hard work and says- 'I have good boobs . Fans can come closer and closer by sniffing and licking them. ”

Mato says that to run this business, she always keeps herself hydrated so that she can sweat it out for her customer in sufficient quantity. Mato also explains that she considers herself a maple tree and the sweat of her as her juice. That's why she collects sweat like a tree does. Mato also knows that it can be dangerous for her to always sit near the pool in the sun to collect sweat, but according to her,  she takes enough precautions to keep herself safe. Reports say that  Mato had informed about his new business through TikTok and Instagram pages. After this, the mixed reaction of the users has been got to see. Some users listened to this and some said that they were surprised that this girl is not selling her body parts.

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