Tom's dream of becoming a father was shattered because of this

If you start feeling stressed or depressed at any point in life, then take a look at the life of this big Star of Hollywood. Maybe all your stress will go away and you will even manage to get out of it. Yes, the name of this actor who made his life beautiful is Tom Cruise. Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, who has done his best in movies like 'Top Gun,' 'Mission Impossible,' series and 'American Made', has knocked on the hearts of millions of girls even at this stage of age. Tom is celebrating his 60th birthday today. Let us know on this special occasion today how he has worked hard to make his life successful and has also achieved success.

Born in a simple family, Tom Cruise's childhood was not at all as good as the rest of the children. In an interview a long time ago, Tom Cruise said that the financial condition of his family was not at all good in childhood. His father always used to assault him, but Tom says he has learned a lot from his father. Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, in New York. At the age of 11, his parents separated. Let us know that Tom Cruise started doing things like cutting the lawn of the people to take out the expenses of the house and himself. Tom grew up in a Catholic family, it had such an effect on him that at the age of 14 he wanted to become a father.

But an accident with Tom shattered his dream. In fact, Tom has been caught stealing alcohol from a father's room in the church. After which he was thrown out of the Franciscan Seminary School and his dream of becoming a father was completely shattered. One day, one of Tom's teachers asked him to join an acting class. Tom started taking training in acting. In the middle of acting, when he had trouble remembering his lines, he started insisting on remembering from visual learning. This was the time when Tom finally got one thing in which he felt comfortable. In the year 1983, after doing small roles, his movie Risky Business was very much liked by the people. This movie was a hit. Tom Cruise's stardom began after this film. Today Tom is counted among the most famous actors in Hollywood.

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