Unknown numbers being saved in mobile by the name of UIDAI, people shocked
Unknown numbers being saved in mobile by the name of UIDAI, people shocked

In the ongoing debate over the security of Aadhaar number, another case has been brought in front of the Aadhaarity Authority. In fact, many people are automatically getting numbers saved in the name of UIDAI in mobile.

Many people have made this complaint on Twitter. People say that a toll-free number is visible in the contact list in the mobile under the name of UIDAI. They claim that they never saved this number.

The foundation authority UIDAI has not issued any statement yet, but people have started writing their issues on Twitter. People say that their mobile number 1800-300-1947 is being shown in the name of UIDAI.

People are confused that from where the number these people came in the mobile. At present, nothing has been said from the UIDAI side. However, according to the news agency, this number was the old toll-free number of UIDAI, which has since been changed.

Even when people wanted to know about UIDAI's toll-free number, they also refused to know about having such number. So the question arises that the how can so many number of people face the same issue. What caused this and how did it come? Because the people never dialled this toll-free number.

Friede Security Expert Eliot Alderson asked through Twitter from UIDAI, "Many people use SIM of different telecom operators. Some people have an Aadhar Number in it and some do not have it. How can a number be saved by the name of UIDAI in the mobile without the user's knowledge?

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