Film shooting in the state will be done according to covid rules
Film shooting in the state will be done according to covid rules

The state government has issued guidelines for shooting of films in the state. Under this, due to covid-19, the rules already applicable in the state will remain effective on the shooting team. The filmmaker will have to register the shooting unit on the website. For your information, let us tell you that full details will have to be submitted in the Director General Information Office regarding the shooting team, duration and location. Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh released this guideline on Saturday saying that any filmmaker can raise the state Will be able to film in For your information, the state production department will have to give details of all the steps taken by the film production company for prevention of Kovid-19. All the information and permissions will be sent to the concerned district magistrates on behalf of the Director General's notice. Training of the crew in the shooting will be mandatory for the Kovid. Along with this, the team will bring social distancing, face mask, gloves and other safety equipment.

Also, if a member of the team shows signs of corona, then the district administration will have to be apprised immediately with the nearest government hospital. The production company will have to deploy a nodal officer during the shooting in the state. Which will prepare the data base of each member to the district administration. Information from thermal scanning to PPE kits and other equipment will have to be kept. How they are being destroyed after use will also have to be reported. The production company will have to sanitize the film set twice a day. The fork lift will be used sparingly. Outside the set, it will be mandatory to have a hand sanitizer in the waiting room, rest room. Older and pregnant women above 65 years of age will not be allowed in the staff.

If the District Magistrate will give permission, then they can be brought. The number of persons at the shooting scene is also to be kept to a minimum. Indoor shooting will have 15 mandatory staff and thirty people in outdoor. In place of make-up and hair dressing, sanitization has to be done repeatedly. Everyone must wear a mask, gloves and face shield at the shooting scene. The shooting crew has to follow the traveling protocol to get from one place to another. This will be decided under the supervision of the district administration. Along with this, the number of passengers in vehicles will remain as per the guideline. Special care has to be taken for the sanitization of the location with mandatory permission for shooting at private property.

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