Azamgarh Police Constable beat his son to death

Jul 24 2020 05:44 PM
Azamgarh Police Constable beat his son to death

Azamgarh: A surprising case has come up in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. A father beat his own son to death by beating him with sticks. Not only this, but he would have also performed the last rites of the son's body, but the police reached there on the information of villagers, Police took the son's body from the funeral pyre and sent it for postmortem. The accused father was also taken in custody.

According to the report, Constable Yadav, a resident of Gaddipur village under the Meghnagar police station, is currently the village head. He has four sons, of which the third son's name was Nate Yadav. It is being told that the deceased Nate Yadav was of a mischievous nature and used to argue with people every other day. It is being said that he also had the support of a former MLC. Nate wanted to stake claim in the Panchayat elections this time on the instigation of the former MLC.

He had also prepared a good gang against his father Constable Yadav. Father Constable Yadav was extremely upset with the antics of his son. Even before, there used to be disputes and beatings between father and son. It is being told that in order to remove the father from the path, his son Nate had given the contract to kill him. When the father came to know about this, he lost his temper and started searching for the son. Meanwhile, on Friday, when Constable's father saw Nate Yadav in the market, he beat him with sticks and later he died.

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