'Bring girls of other religion, will get money with enjoyment,' maulvi arrested for encouraging love jihad

Fatehpur: Fatehpur police have arrested a Nepalese cleric from Ghazipur police station in Uttar Pradesh. The maulvi had been living in India for the past 15 years with fake identities and papers. He is also accused of inciting Muslim youths and converting Hindu girls. The mosque members themselves had complained against him. Additional Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar said that a suspected citizen of Nepal had been living in Mewati Mohalla police station Ghazipur district Fatehpur for many years. While here, he had got a voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN card and a passport in 2016.

Rajesh Kumar said a joint team investigated it and a case has since been registered under related sections. Police are now investigating the matter. Further action will be taken. In police interrogation, Maulana said that he is a resident of Mahotri district of Nepal who came to Fatehpur in 2001 and stayed there for 5 years. He then reached Ghazipur and came in contact with the people of the big mosque there. Members made it a cleric in 2006 by giving it the responsibility of a big mosque. Here he used to offer prayers as well as training to the children. But for two years he had also started sweeping. The mosque members saw his actions, removed him from the post of the imam and a complaint was lodged against him on September 24.

Fatehpur Masjid Committee member Majid Khan says maulana used to train Muslim youth wrongly. He says Feroz astray from somewhere and came here. It was then kept in the mosque. Here he became a cleric and taught the children. 14-15 years have passed. But he was expelled from the mosque two years ago. Because he used to give wrong training to children. He used to say, 'You bring foreign girls, you will get money and you will enjoy it. The maulvi used to say such provocative things.'

Majid Khan says that once a Muslim youth had brought a Brahmin girl away, then Firoz got her converted and married. A complaint was given to the police in this regard. But then no action was taken. According to Majid, all he wants is to remove Firoz so that the unity of the village is not damaged. He says that this man describes himself as a Nepali, but he may be from Bangladesh or maybe from Rohingya.

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