VIDEO: Doctor suffers heart attack while dancing, died

Bhopal: Everyone says death can come anytime. Death comes anywhere and the person does not even know anything. Something similar happened to a doctor. Yes, in fact, this story is from Bhopal. While laughing and dancing among his companions during the celebrations, the doctor lost his life. The incident is said to be from a party of doctors in Bhopal. According to the information received, forensic expert Dr CS Jain was also present at the party. He was dancing among his fellow doctors at the party and cheering for the celebrations. In the meantime, he or any other fellow doctor may not realize for a moment that something untoward is going to happen.


In fact, Jain suddenly suffered a heart attack and fell on the floor. Meanwhile, the doctor who was swaying with him also lost consciousness and stopped. The doctors then immediately tried to save him through first aid but nothing like that could happen and he embraced death. Eye-witnesses say Dr Jain suffered a heart attack while dancing and fell there and died.

Let me tell you that more than 50 senior doctors from several departments, including cardiologists, cardiology, were present at the party at that time, but none of the efforts paid off. Dr Jain went to a 1975 MBBS batch of doctors' party and Dr Jain's family is now in a state of grief. At the same time, fellow doctors are also in shock over the sudden loss of their partner in this way. Now, junior and senior doctors are paying tribute to Dr Jain.

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