Mumbai: Woman cop killed male cop
Mumbai: Woman cop killed male cop

Mumbai: Mumbai Police has recently arrested a woman cop and two of her accomplices. In fact, all of them had killed a male cop because of the old rivalry. Now, in this case, the police say that the accused woman showed it as an accident, though when an inquiry was conducted, it came to light that the woman had given her a betel nut and killed her. Under the information received in the case, 54-year-old Shivaji Sanep used to leave Panvel station.

At the same time, from Panvel, he would get down at Kurla station by train and from there go to Nehru Nagar police station, where he was posted. This was his routine every day. In such a situation, on August 15, Shivaji was going towards Panvel station, but in the meantime, a Nano car hit him on the way. He was taken to the hospital in injured condition, but he died. Initially, it was seen as a hit-and-run case, but when the police started investigating it, many things were revealed in front of the police. After that the police found the same Nano car burnt a few kilometers away from the spot, which was hit, as the car was burnt, so there was no evidence left.

Somehow, when the police launched an investigation, it came to light that the deceased had an old rivalry with the woman constable Sheetal Pansare. That is why she killed Shivaji Sanep. Now, women constables Sheetal Pansare, Vishal Jadhav, and Baban Chauhan have been arrested by Navi Mumbai Police in the case. Police said Sheetal has also registered a case of molestation and rape against Shivaji.

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