woman due to heart attack due to dispute over stray dog

Feb 14 2020 02:59 PM
woman due to heart attack due to dispute over stray dog

Mumbai. Recently, a shocking case is reported from Dombivli area of Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra. Where a 35-year-old woman who sheltered a stray dog died of a heart attack just hours after a quarrel with four women of the locality over this matter. In this case, the police has registered a case in the case of accidental death. According to reports, the deceased woman was identified as Nagamma Shetty and Nagamma's husband has already died.

With this, she lived with her daughter in a chawl in Manpada, Dombivli. In this case, the police said that on Tuesday, Nagamma sheltered a stray dog, due to which four women of his chawl got into an argument. In the end, the controversy became so much that the four women beat Nagamma. After beating him, he complained about the incident to the police station. At the same time, the police asked Nagamma to go to the hospital for treatment but she came to her house. After coming home, she died of a heart attack late at night. At the same time, Nagama's daughter Sunita told that 'the accused women attacked Nagama's chest'.

In this case, the daughter demanded from the police that a case of murder should be registered against the accused, but the Manpada police filed a case of accidental death.

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