YouTube permanently DELETES R Kelly’s official channels, Here's Why

Following the sex trafficking conviction last week, YouTube has permanently deleted two of the disgraced singer R Kelly's channels. The singer's ability to create new channels has been stopped by the content creation platform in the future. His previous songs, on the other hand, has not been removed off the platform.

R Kelly's songs will still be available on YouTube Music, according to Variety, but his channels RKellyTV (3.5 million subscribers) and RKellyVevo (1.6 million subscribers) have been removed from the platform due to a breach of its terms of service. Anyone who tries to click on videos from these channels will receive a notice from YouTube. The warning reads, "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account connected with this video was cancelled."

R Kelly was convicted guilty of racketeering and eight charges of violating an anti-sex trafficking legislation, for the uninitiated. The musician will also serve ten years in jail, with his ultimate sentence set for May 4, 2022. Despite his departure from his previous company, Sony Music's RCA Records, the majority of his work remains with them and is available on different music streaming platforms. 

"Egregious conduct done by R. Kelly merit sanctions above ordinary enforcement procedures owing to a potential for widespread harm," according to a note from YouTube VP of legal Nicole Alston, as reported by Bloomberg via Variety. The letter further outlines YouTube's perspective, claiming that the video site is acting to "defend" its users. Kelly's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts have also been deactivated as a result of his sex trafficking conviction.

In addition to removing R Kelly's channels, the platform highlighted its "creative responsibility standards."

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