Unique condition placed in front of accused of murderous attack, know the matter

Khandwa: The local court in Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh laid down a wonderful condition for granting bail in one case. The condition was that in lieu of bail, the offender will have to go to the local CMHO office, hospital every Sunday and make Shramdaan. In fact, on the night of December 24, there was a violent clash between two sides in the Kanjar area of Khandwa, accusing 18-year-old Mohammad Azeem and some of his friends of trying to murder.

The same police arrested the culprits under section 307 of IPC and produced them in court. When the advocate of a criminal Mohammad Azeem applied for bail, the court ordered cleanliness and corona with a bail of 25,000 rupees and ordered that Azeem would go to the CMHO office every Sunday for shramdaan. After the same court order, he came to the hospital and was engaged in cleanliness by following the corona's guidelines by planting a mask.

Azeem made a broom on the road and also scattered garbage around. For the citizens, it remained a matter of concern as to why they are cleaning up even if they are not Safai Karamcharis. When the public came to know that Azeem was following the court order, everybody appreciated the decision. He said he was happy with the decision. This will promote a cleanliness drive. It was good to clean up today. I urge the public to pursue a cleanliness drive and not to be in any dispute.

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