An inmate in Lucknow prison accuses officials of sodomy

LUCKNOW: In a bizarre incident, a gangster lodged in a Lucknow prison has accused jail officials of sodomy and said that he feared for his life.

Reportedly, Karan Kumar Gupta has also petitioned his case in the Gangster court for lodging of a First Information Report against jail officials. Gupta has complained that jail officials used to make obscene gestures while spotting him inside the jail.

In his appeal, he alleged that on July 26, two correctional staff members sodomised him in front of two other inmates and threatened him with serious penalties if he complained to senior authorities.

Ashish Tiwari, senior jail superintendent in Lucknow, claimed that the thug submitted the appeal on August 2. "We have performed a flimsy investigation into the inmate's charges, and all of his assertions have been proven to be unfounded," stated Tiwari.

He said that the CCTV footage from July 26 demonstrates that the jail official who has been accused of sodomy was on duty in the lawn from 6 to 7 a.m. 

According to the police, the gangster spoke to members of his family from July 26 to August 1 without telling them or any other inmates in the jail about it.

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