11-year-old boy kills 4-year-old boy, secret opened due to dogs

Korba: A heart-rending incident is coming to light from Korba in Chhattisgarh in which a 4-year-old child was crushed to death with a brick, the culprit is just 11 years old. The body of the child was found in the bushes late at night. As soon as the information was received, the police started investigating the culprit and with the help of the dog squad, the culprit nabbed the minor.

When the criminal was interrogated, he said that he had done all this to find out about the murder. When the police arrested the culprit and interrogated him, he confessed to killing Anshu. The criminal minor has been sent to a juvenile home in many cases in the past. However, the police will question him further.

According to the police, injury marks were found on the child's head and a blood-stained brick was also seized by the police near the body. Due to this, the dog who came with the police smelled the clothes of the child to Bagha and all the dogs started going toward the settlement. Due to this, seeing an 11-year-old boy present in a house, he started barking, as soon as the police left the loose, Bagha pounced on the minor. Subsequently, the police arrested the boy. The anger of the residents of the settlement has been aroused after the case and the culprit was detected. They have jammed the road. People are demanding that the family of the criminal be thrown out of the colony. People say that their child is a habitual offender. He was always caught up in theft and other activities but did not know that he would kill such a young child. The entire township is in crisis from the criminal and his family. The matter is currently being processed by the police.

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