Bella Hadid shared the post and said this:

Bella Hadid is only 25 years old and has made a career at such a young age. Bella's success and beauty is an inspiration for every youngster who wants to prove themselves in the world of bright fashion-makeup and lighting. But even after getting so much, why is Bella's beauty in danger. Why is Bella going through such deep pain that she shared a few things about it with her tears with her fans on social media?

There is no doubt that Bella has no break in beauty and is leading a life that everyone dreams of. But still, stress is threatening their beauty. You can imagine what Bella has for her, then what stress she has. So here you need to understand that burnouts and breakdowns are not just words. Rather, they can plunge any person into a deep erased and lonely state. Bella Hadid is struggling with the same problem these days. Sharing her teary photos on social media, Bella writes that my day begins in a very useless way nowadays.

Mental health problems: In fact, Bella's discomfort is related to mental health. As a result, they are cut off by loneliness and doubt is maintained all the time. Bella writes in her post, 'Such feelings come to everyone and everyone tries to hide them in their own way. This happens to all of us when we feel like being trapped in a tunnel of deep darkness. But in this difficult time, you should remember that the tunnel has life-giving lights.'



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