Medical workers attacked in Kabul, one killed
Medical workers attacked in Kabul, one killed

Crime has been on the rise all over the world for a long time, with one person losing his life every day as a victim of the same crime plot, a man has lost his life in a bomb attack targeting a minibus carrying medical personnel in the Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday morning. A Kabul police official said this.

It is learned that Kabul Police Chief's spokesman Fardavas Farmarj said three medical personnel were injured in the incident and were admitted to the hospital by the police. Talking about this, he said that the bus was taking doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel from Kabul to Panjsher province. The attack took place in Kalakan in Kabul province.

According to reports, Farmarj said that at present no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the attack and action is being taken in the case. The case comes at a time when the process of withdrawal of 2500 to 3500 US troops from Afghanistan was being carried out.

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