Harassment case of actress surfaced, raped on pretext of getting film

Feb 26 2020 03:46 PM
Harassment case of actress surfaced, raped on pretext of getting film

Jodhpur: A case of physical exploitation of a struggling actress has come up on the pretext of getting the film done. The pressure of exploiting the body was constantly being created by threatening to make a video of the victim. The case has been filed in the Rajiv Gandhi police station of Jodhpur. The victim first registered a case in Mumbai, but after the case was from Jodhpur, the Zero Number FIR was sent to the Commissionerate West. After which the Rajiv Gandhi Police Station area has started investigating the whole matter.

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Rajiv Gandhi Nagar Inspector Balraj Singh said that a local woman resident of Jodhpur was given a report, in which a person named Bikaner native Shrey Kaushik was raped in a resort in Jodhpur by swindling the name of the film. After this, the accused was making a video and tracing him to incest. The victim herself is a struggling actress. The young man also works in Mumbai where the two were friends. The young man lured the actress of marriage and did not marry.

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According to a report given to the police, on 6 June 19, Kaushik took her to a resort after the friendship of the two grew where he drugged her for the first time and made a video of her. After which he continued to sexually exploit her by threatening her to making the video viral and talking about marriage. The accused young man kept on avoiding marriage too. Troubled by all this, the victim lodged a police report. Now the police have started investigating this matter.

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